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What I'm Hoping For The Group...

I love board games... and if you enjoy but your thoughts or experience with board games only extends to the realms of Trivial Pursuit, Monopoly, Game of Life, Scrabble etc, then this is a group that would appeal to you. Those games, just mentioned, are the literal of literals, the tip of very large iceberg. It still shocks me today as I find more and more games that appeal to me, from a wide range of themes, mechanics and complexity. Some games lasting multiple hours to those lasting mere minutes. Just take a look at the list below of a few games that are in my collection, those I've played and those on my radar that I'm particularly hopeful of playing at some point, all linked to their corresponding pages on 'Board Game Geek'.

The board game world began to show me it's wonders a couple of years ago when I found 'Wil Wheaton's TableTop' series on YouTube and after watching pretty much everything he'd done sought out more. Who knew the variety of games that were available, 'Co-Op' games, where you and your co-players work together to beat the game itself, or even '1 vs All' games, 1 person plays the big bad in an attempt to thwart the other players actions. It was truly a 'Willy Wonka/Chocolate Factory moment'. I proceeded to buy the odd game that really appealed to me from watching the show, together with watching additional YouTube videos from the ongoing 'Watch It Played' series.

Watching videos and buying games were fine but not having too many friends meant an issue with actually playing them all. A couple I did buy had 'Solitaire' modes, 'Marvel Legendary', so I could play them on my own, my wife would join in with a game she fell in love with, 'Qwirkle', as did the mother-in-law and my great friend and nephews would play various games, Boss Monster, Marvel Legendary, Exploding Kittens, Catan Junior, et al. My niece's particularly love Sandwich Masters and Kodama. So there we go, my hunt for a gaming group began but with an issue with confidence and depression, making new friends was an obstacle.

Once my depression was under control, I forced myself to go to 'The Horsham Gaming Group', that had been on my radar for a while and believe me when I say it was one of the best moves I have ever made. Nervously turning up with a couple bags full of my games, the group was opening and welcome to me and within minutes I was sat down learning and playing a new game. That 7 hours went by in a flash, I must have played at least 5 different games in that time, including a couple of my own I had taken. I walked out, thoroughly enthusiastic about what had just taken place and begging for more.

It was only a few weeks until the next gaming day but this time the event was in Crawley under the tutelage of 'Dungeon Crawl'ey', so I set about watching more 'How To Play' videos in preparation, just to get a little head start on anything we may play. I arrived in Crawley all set, the time flew by, new games learned and played, new friends were made and I left more invigorated than the last time and again, eager for more.

In addition to the Horsham, Crawley and Ourselves, another regular at these events has set up her own group in Reigate, Surrey Board Game Group.

In essence this is what I want from our gaming day, a great social occasion, where we can put our phones away for a few hours, interact with other people over a common subject. I've dated the first meeting to slot in with the others groups I attend, so we are close to, or exceeding 1 meeting per month, at least for the foreseeable future.

So my aim is to run a group within Burgess Hill, introduce people to this world of board games I have fallen for and hopefully give them the joy I have when playing board games. That's not to say we're open specifically for beginners, we need more experienced gamers alike. So as an experienced gamer, we can offer a large hall, big enough to get a decent game of Twilight Imperium: Fourth Edition going and finished, or you'd just like to play some games and help teach some newcomer's, then the doors are open. So if you think you like the sound of this then please do come along, they'll hopefully be new people, as well as some more experienced gamers, to help teach and play anything your not familiar with. In no way shape or form do I call myself a Board Game Guru, I still have many a game to learn, play and discover but hopefully I can learn from the groups as much as any newcomer.

Also, for those amongst you looking to make some space on your game shelves, or raise some cash for an upcoming release, we'll have a table set aside for sales. So as the Horsham and Crawley groups do, just stick a post it note on the box with your name and price, leave it on the 'For Sale' table and hopefully we can help with your next purchase.

The best place to keep up to date with the group will be our 'Facebook Page' or if you fancy looking into some of the games that may be at the gaming day head on over to the 'Links Page' and check out some How To Play YouTube videos.


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