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COVID 19 Pre-Cautions

Mid Sussex Meeples Game Day
On-Going from 20th September until further notice.

  • If you do feel ill before the event, please do not attend.

  • We have a set maximum number of attendees at 36 which will include myself and my wife.

  • Track and Trace will be in effect, this can be provided to me on the day or in advance. Details will be held for 4 weeks then destroyed.

  • Tables will be spaced out as much as possible to make use of the space and to allow safe movement between them.

  • Ventilation. Unlike our previous events doors and windows will be kept open as far as is convinient.

  • Masks and/or face shields to be worn at all times, unless eating/drinking obviously.

  • It'll be 1 chair per person to be used throughout the day to avoid any unescesary contamination.

  • Kitchen has been restricted to 2 persons at any one time.

  • Toilets have been restricted to 1 person at a time.

  • Games used from the library will be placed into quarantine once used. If there is a game you particularly want to play from our library, please contact me ahead of time and it will be set aside for you on the day.

  • Bringing your own games:- where as I don't want to limit what games you do bring, please, once played, place your games into your own quarantine bags.

  • Hand Sanitizer will be available at the hall entrance and in the kitchen for our use. I will bring more for the tables but please bring some of your own if you can.

  • The Hall is deep cleaned twice per week and will be cleaned by myself prior to use on the day. As well as the initial, and end of day clean, I will be, throughout the day regularly cleaning Door Handles, Catches, Equipment, Toilet Handles and Seats, Sinks, as well as all surfaces (including tables between games).

  • There will be no 'For Sale' table at the event to allow for extra space.

  • ... If you think I have missed something or have anything else that needs adding please get in touch, I will update this list as and when.

It's goes without saying, the gaming community is certainly a group whereby I see an abundance of common sense and with measures in place as they are, I can't see any issues with us going ahead and continuing to do so if everyone plays there part...

We all have measures in place set out by the owners of our relative spaces but suffice to say that as long as we're wearing masks/shields, keeping a sensible distance from one another and using all the precautions provided then we'll all stay safe and well.

Mid Sussex Meeples